AVZ Minerals

AVZ Minerals: Experiencing A Chinese Burn?

We believe that AVZ Minerals is in the process of being outmanoeuvred by a group of powerful Chinese battery manufacturers, who are plotting to take control of the Manono lithium project. We think that, at best, AVZ faces months or years of legal fights to block Zijin Mining and to claim shares from Dathomir Mining Resources. At worst, AVZ will lose control of Manono and be left with just 36% of the project.

AVZ Minerals: A Letter to the Board of Directors

We have identified a number of corruption “red flags” related to AVZ’s acquisition of a stake in a lithium project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We are concerned that the Manono license may have been awarded corruptly and that AVZ proceeded with the deal despite these warning indicators. We are therefore asking that AVZ’s Board of Directors provide an assurance to investors that the company has complied with all international laws in relation to its DRC transactions.

AVZ Minerals: The Proceeds of Corruption?

The main asset of AVZ Minerals is a license to explore the world’s largest undeveloped lithium deposit, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is our opinion that AVZ could have benefited from corruption in the award of this exploration license. As a result of this transaction, AVZ’s largest shareholder is owned by an offshore vehicle with a Swiss nominee director and an anonymous shareholder in Belize.
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